Merit-based Incentive Payment System Value Pathways (MVP) Documentation & Coding Tips:

HCPCS Codes for MIPS Specialty Sets and MVPs

Lolita M. Jones, MSHS, RHIA, CCS, CRC
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Lolita M. Jones, MSHS, RHIA, CCS, CRC

WELCOME to the inaugural post of my new Blog, in which I will provide documentation and coding tips for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Value Pathways (MVP).

MVPs are the newest MIPS reporting option [an alternative to “traditional MIPS” and “Alternative Payment Model (APM) Performance Pathway (APP)”] that clinicians can use to meet their MIPS reporting requirements.  Each MVP includes a subset of measures and activities that are related to a given specialty or medical condition. 

Leaders at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) heard that there is too much choice and complexity when clinicians are selecting and reporting measures and activities in traditional MIPS, causing an increase in administrative burden. With a reduced list of measures and activities to choose from in each MVP, there are fewer options that should create deeper measure and activity links and less administrative burden.

MVP reporting isn’t currently mandatory but CMS intends to sunset traditional MIPS through rulemaking in the future, at which point MVPs will become mandatory unless the clinician is eligible to report the APP.  CMS encourages the early adoption of reporting MVPs to allow clinicians to get comfortable reporting MVPs and preparing for any potential practice workflow changes.

For the 2023 performance year, clinicians can choose to report an MVP in addition to another reporting option, such as traditional MIPS or the APP, and CMS will take the highest score that the clinician receives.  To report an MVP in performance year 2023, clinicians will need to register between April 1 and November 30, 2023.   A detailed registration guide will be available in early 2023 detailing step-by-step instructions for completing the MVP registration process.

Clinicians can indicate their intent to register for a specific MVP or to be scored based on the quality measures within a specialty measure set, by reporting one of the Health Care Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Level II codes below.  These codes are not billable services and should remain on the claim form for measurement purposes only.

HCPCS CodeCode Description
G0053Advancing Rheumatology Patient Care MIPS Value Pathways
G0054Coordinating Stroke Care to Promote Prevention and Cultivate Positive Outcomes MIPS Value Pathways
G0055Advancing Care for Heart Disease MIPS Value Pathways
G0056Optimizing Chronic Disease Management MIPS Value Pathways
G0057Proposed Adopting Best Practices and Promoting Patient Safety within Emergency Medicine MIPS Value Pathways
G0058Improving Care for Lower Extremity Joint Repair MIPS Value Pathways
G0059Patient Safety and Support of Positive Experiences with Anesthesia MIPS Value Pathways
G0060Allergy/Immunology MIPS Specialty Set
G0061Anesthesiology MIPS Specialty Set
G0062Audiology MIPS Specialty Set
G0063Cardiology MIPS Specialty Set
G0064Certified Nurse Midwife MIPS Specialty Set
G0065Chiropractic Medicine MIPS Specialty Set
G0066Clinical Social Work MIPS Specialty Set
G0067Dentistry MIPS Specialty Set
G4000Dermatology MIPS Specialty Set
G4001Diagnostic Radiology MIPS Specialty Set
G4002Electrophysiology Cardiac Specialist MIPS Specialty Set
G4003Emergency Medicine MIPS Specialty Set
G4004Endocrinology MIPS Specialty Set
G4005Family Medicine MIPS Specialty Set
G4006Gastro-enterology MIPS Specialty Set
G4007General Surgery MIPS Specialty Set
G4008Geriatrics MIPS Specialty Set
G4009Hospitalists MIPS Specialty Set
G4010Infectious Disease MIPS Specialty Set
G4011Internal Medicine MIPS Specialty Set
G4012Interventional Radiology MIPS Specialty Set
G4013Mental/Behavioral Health MIPS Specialty Set
G4014Nephrology MIPS Specialty Set
G4015Neurology MIPS Specialty Set
G4016Neurosurgical MIPS Specialty Set
G4017Nutrition/Dietician MIPS Specialty Set
G4018Obstetrics/Gynecology MIPS Specialty Set
G4019Oncology/Hematology MIPS Specialty Set
G4020Ophthalmology MIPS Specialty Set
G4021Orthopedic Surgery MIPS Specialty Set
G4022Otolaryngology MIPS Specialty Set
G4023Pathology MIPS Specialty Set
G4024Pediatrics MIPS Specialty Set
G4025Physical Medicine MIPS Specialty Set
G4026Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy MIPS Specialty Set
G4027Plastic Surgery MIPS Specialty Set
G4028Podiatry MIPS Specialty Set
G4029Preventive Medicine MIPS Specialty Set
G4030Pulmonology MIPS Specialty Set
G4031Radiation Oncology MIPS Specialty Set
G4032Rheumatology MIPS Specialty Set
G4033Skilled Nursing Facility MIPS Specialty Set
G4034Speech Language Pathology MIPS Specialty Set
G4035Thoracic Surgery MIPS Specialty Set
G4036Urgent Care MIPS Specialty Set
G4037Urology MIPS Specialty Set
G4038Vascular Surgery MIPS Specialty Set

For more information about these HCPCS codes, see Medicare Transmittal #11578 at and/or contact